Listed below are the preliminary times for the race weekend. All of these times, except the race time, are subject to change so please check back every now and again to keep up to date.

There's more information on the Rider Info page.

Friday 10th May 2013


Venue open to competitors to set up their camp site/pit area.

4pm-7pm - Registration

Competitors can sign on any time Friday evening at the event HQ and receive your race number. You will also be required to supply a small amount of extra information. It is the responsibility of the rider to check their category and details, read the race rules and make sure they inform the event team if they are a Rookie, Singlespeeder or riding a Fat Bike.

5pm-7pm - Practice

Riders must sign on and have their race number on their bike before going out to practice. Wasing Park is private land and riders without numbers will be asked to leave the course.

6pm-8pm - Pasta Party

Event caterers will be providing a pasta party for all riders and helpers. The cost will be £2.50 for competitors and £3.75 for everyone else. A selection of pasta and sauces with plain/garlic bread will be available.

Saturday 11th May 2013

8am-10am Registration

Registration will be open for a couple of hours on Saturday morning and there'll be chance to get your equipment and pit areas set up ready for the race.

9am-11am - Practice

The race course is open for practice. Please make sure you are back in time for the rider briefing!

11am - Rider Briefing

All riders should attend to be given final details about the race start, rules, course and safety information.

Midday - Race Start

8pm - Lights On

Riders should have their race lights on and make sure they are working for any lap starting after 8pm.

11pm - 8am Quiet Time

All generators and loud music should be turned off by 11pm. Any riders or helpers who do not respect this rule will be instantly disqualified and told to immediately leave the race site.

Midnight - 12 Hour Race Finish

Riders competing in the 12 Hours of Exposure will complete their race. Time to relax, refuel, enjoy a beer courtesy of Bingham's Brewery and laugh at the fools with another 12 hours left to go before snuggling up in your nice warm bed.

Sunday 12th May 2013

Midday - 24 Hour Race Finish

The race will finish at midday in the arena. All laps must be completed BEFORE midday. Any laps not completed BEFORE MIDDAY on Sunday WILL NOT be counted.

12.30pm approx - Prize Giving

The UK and European 24hr & 12hr Solo Mountain Bike Championship jerseys will be awarded. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the 24 Hours of Exposure and 12 Hours of Exposure podium places and spot prizes will be awarded randomly to riders attending the prize giving.

Training - do lots of long rides, when you have finished your long ride, go add an hour!

Ian Leitch
South Downs Double Record Holder
Muc Off 8 Champion

Beware of the 4am blues, if you get to daylight you've made it can help, as can a donut and some jelly babies...

Ant White (Exposure/KCNC/Skins)
2012 UK & European 12 Hour Veteran Champ
Winner of Old Pueblo 24 2010

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