We'll be needing lots of volunteers to fill a variety of roles outlined below to help the event run smoothly. So if you've got 8-12 hours to spare and want to volunteer your time, please fill in the following form and return it as per the instructions.

MK100 Volunteer Form

For more information or if you have any questions, please email info at sip-events.co.uk
All Marshals and Helpers will be well looked after with a free packed lunch, some Montane clothing and various other goodies as a thank you.

Safety Marshals (over 18yrs only please)

Safety marshals will be needed at various points throughout the course for the duration of the race. The first set of marshals will need to be in position by 5am Saturday morning but others won't be needed until later on.

Feed & Water Station Helpers (over 16yrs)

These stations will be positioned at intervals around the course. You'll be working alongside one of our crew or sponsors at one of the various feed points around the course making sure water and food is laid out and available for riders, and also making sure their personal food bags are in order and easy to find.

Check-Point/Timing Marshals (over 18yrs)

A very important job. There'll be a few electronic 'dibber' timing stations around the course where riders will have to 'dib' their timing tag to confirm they've completed the course, your job is to make sure they've done this correctly (it's easy!) Check points and cut-offs need to be strictly enforced so that riders who don't make the cut-off time are sent back to HQ.

Tail End Charlies (over 18yrs)

As T.E.C riders you will be paired up to ride at the back of the course behind the last rider, making sure the course is clear and checking in with the static Safety Marshals and HQ to allow the logistics of the race to keep moving. You'll need to be a strong, competent, patient rider and basic bike maintenance skills come in very handy! Each pair will be allocated a 20-30 mile section to complete and then hand over to the next pair at a designated point.

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