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  • Directions
  • Race Rules
  • Compulsory Gear
  • Feed & Water Stations
  • Food Bag Drops
  • Mechanical Assistance
  • Check Points & Cut Offs
  • Rider Massage
  • Directions:

    Race registration, parking and race start will take place at Kielder Castle Visitor Centre in Kielder village, NE48 1ER.

    N.B. Please only follow SatNav directions until the event signage starts, then follow the signs for camping, car parking and registration.

    Race Rules:

    Read, contemplate, digest, abide.
    Montane Kielder 100 & 50 Race Rules (doc)

    Compulsory Gear:

    You must carry the following items: Enough fluid for 15 miles of riding (at least one large bottle); pump; spare inner tubes (even if you run tubeless); basic toolkit; spare brake pads (maybe 2 sets, trust us!); space blanket; emergency whistle; windproof jacket/gillet; spare food; money to Pay the Piper (optional - but it does go to charity.)

    Compuslory gear means the stuff you MUST carry with you for the race. This will be checked before you sign-on on Friday and may be checked again at any point before, during or afer the race. Time penalties will be given if you do not have any of the equipment listed. A majority of the items listed are for your own safety and to help you complete the race.

    N.B. In wet weather we strongly recommend using a front mud guard and a hydration pack or a water bottle that has a covered mouth piece.

    Feed & Water Stations

    • 11 & 21 miles - Water station
    • 23 miles - Feed Station 1: Accelerade energy drink, water, bananas, crisps, nuts, cakes, dried fruit etc
    • 33 & 39 miles - Water station
    • 50 miles - Feed Station 2: same as Feed 1
    • 65ish miles - Newcastleton Feed: tea, coffee, hot soup, sandwiches, homemade cakes from The Olive Cafe, bananas and the usual snacks
    • 78 miles - Feed Station 4: same as Feed 1

    Rider Bag Drops

    Bag drops with your own food in will be taken to Feed Stations 1, 2 and 4. Bags must be no bigger than a large sandwich/freezer bag, securely fastened with your rider number clearly written on and placed in the correct container at registration. Bags will be returned to HQ at the end of the day and thrown away Sunday morning if not collected.
    No liquids please. If every rider put a 500ml bottle of liquid in their drop bags, that's 900kg of liquid we're transporting, on top of the 1000+litres of water and energy drink we're already providing!

    Mechanical Assistance

    Run & Ride and Bike Seven mechanics will be manning the four mechanical assistance stations around the course with basics spares, tools and ProGold product to try and help you continue the race. Spare parts used will be noted against your rider number and you'll be expected to pay for them after the race.

    Run & Ride are also offering a pre-race bike service. The £10 service includes: chain and gear check, brakes (doesn't include brake bleed) and pads checked, tyres inflated, wheel alignment, check shock pressures and a chain lube. Extra services will be available but chargeable. Brake bleeds must be booked in prior to the Friday. Any new parts must be paid for in full at the time of service.

    To make a booking fill in all the relevant details at Your booking will then be confirmed via email or if that particular time is already booked the nearest time will be offered.

    Should you have any questions or any special requirements then please do not hesitate to contact the shop direct on 07515 396500.

    Check Points & Cut-Off Points

    There are 4 check points around the course, though obviously we're not going to tell you where they are. All riders must stop and dib their timing dibber so we can track your progress around the course and make sure you have completed it.

    There are 3 cut-off points you must reach by the designated time to continue the race. These are for rider safety and to make sure everyone gets home before it gets dark. Cut off times are worked out roughly to an 8mph average speed and placed with easy short-cuts back to race HQ.

    N.B. If you do not make the cut off time, you will not be allowed to continue.

    Rider Massage

    James Steer will be offering a massage service and kinesiology taping for a small fee at the event this year. Pre- and post-event massage will be available. If you want to book a session please email jamessteer25 at (He's flexible on timing but it would help to give James an idea of how many massages he's going to be doing.)

    Be Prepared With Run And Ride

    Run and Ride

    Retail sponsors Run and Ride bike shop have put together some essential race kits to help riders get through the event. Ranging from £20 to £100 these packs cover all budgets and have some great discounts applied (at least 15%). Check out the web page for more details.

    Accelerade Nutrition Guide

    A complete guide to how Accelerade nutrition products can help your training, recovery and endurance racing, with tips from the experts, a product guide and a nutrition action plan. Well worth a read if you're an endurance athlete (even if you don't use Accelerade!)

    Download the 23-page Performance Nutrition Handbook (1.2MB) pdf file.

    Village Map (1.1MB jpg)

    To help you find your way around the village we've produced a colour-coded map (got my felt tip pens out!) to show you the best way to get to your camp site, parking and registration. There'll also be loads of signage out, please follow it and don't take any short cuts.

    If you're booked into one of the camp sites in the village, please go there first and then walk to Registration at the Castle.

    Please drive carefully through the village and give way to pedestrians and cyclists.

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