Saturday 11th April
& Sunday 12th April

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Accelerade are back again in Newcastleton this spring for the Cross-Border Classic Sportive. Every sportive needs the power behind them and our power is Accelerade. Accelerade know what they are talking about and just want athletes to try what they have, because what they have works.

How many times have you heard bad information? Just one of the sports nutrition myths is:
"Complex carbohydrates refuel muscles better."

Complex carbohydrates provide slow, steady energy. Simple sugars provide fast energy. In regular meals and snacks, complex carbs are better, because they keep glucose and insulin levels stable. Simple sugars are not so good because they cause insulin spikes and blood sugar crashes that lead to overeating and weight gain. But during exercise the rules change. Your muscles burn carbs faster than you can possibly take them in through sports drinks and gels. Therefore you want to consume the quickest energy sources you can get, which are simple sugars.

Some sports nutrition products brag about containing complex carbs for “lasting energy”, but research has shown that these products are not as effective as those containing simple sugars because they don’t provide energy quickly enough. Studies have also shown that products containing multiple sugars provide energy even faster than those containing one sugar. Endurox R4® and Accelerade® use a combination of simple sugars, which is one reason why they have been shown to extend endurance more than products that use complex carbohydrates or a single carbohydrate such as fructose.

For more info on the Accelerade and Pacific Health Labs products and the science behind 4:1 check out or come and see us at signing on. If you want to try before the event then check out for product offerings for sale from Pacific Health Labs.

To find out more about Accelerade products and the science behind them, as well as a few general nutrition and training tips you can download their free "Performance Nutrition Handbook" (1.3MB pdf file). If you're serious about improving your sportive times this year, this is well worth a read.

Saddle Skedaddle

Saddle Skedaddle biking holidays will be once more at the event and there for a chat about their amazing trips that take place in the UK, Europe and throughout the world. Certainly not training camps, they are designed so you can relax and recharge, be challenged, thrilled, exhilarated, as well as offer the chance to chill out. Their trips cater for all levels of experience and fitness, so if you’re young or old, male or female, a relative novice or a super fit experienced rider they’ve a holiday for you!

Whatever your passion, whether off road, road or leisure cycling, small group or self guided, travelling alone, or with friends or family, their holidays provide great cycling in magnificent destinations and all done the Skedaddle way.

They can, and very often do, design and organise bespoke tours and every year arrange dozens of tailor-made trips ranging from weekends for families and small groups of friends to multi-day long haul extravaganzas with major corporations and charity groups.

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